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Army awards on uniform

I was awarded my Airborne wings and rigger wings in the army.  I was told i was able to wear them on my CAP uniform, is this true?

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IAW CAP Reg 39-1 10.10 you may wear US Military Badges on USAF style uniforms, but not any corporate-style uniforms. 

CAP Reg 39-1

"US Military badges may be worn on USAF-style uniforms in accordance with authorizations and instructions found in AFI 36-2903 when appropriate orders granted by competent military authority are present in the member’s CAP personnel record."

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C/TSgt Lawson

Most Awards and Decorations from the Army is authorized for wear. Key is checking with AR 600-8-9 to ensure the Army authorizes award/wear to other branches. Check with AFI 36-2903 to see if the Air Force accepted and authorizes wear. The Airborne Badge is called the Parachutist Badge in the AF. I do know the Airborne Badge is authorized. I believe the Rigger Badge is as well but best to double-check. 

 Parachute Rigger wings are an authorized badge on the air force uniform, which means its an authorized badge on the CAP uniform.

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