CAPR 70-1 used to state that 200 hours PIC in type/cat (or SEL) was required for Cadet Orientation Pilot and also for mission pilot. However, after reviewing 70-1 and 60-3 I no longer see a definition for anything other than just 200 Hours PIC. Was the requirement removed that it was to be in SEL? Member in question has 175 PIC SEL and over 100 hours PIC in Rotary from the army?

BOTTOM LINE: the 200 PIC time must be in fixed wing airplanes.

The answer is derived from the FAA's definition of Airplane. Please see below. I have taken an excerpt from CAPR 70-1 and the FAA definition of Airplane. CAPR 70-1 refers to "For Powered Airplanes" as opposed to "For Gliders", but does use the word "airplane". Basically, an airplane has fixed-wings; therefore the 200 hours of PIC would have to be in an airplane. Since the total PIC time is a benchmark for a pilot's experience and judgment, the type/cat do not have to be identified in the regulation. It's up to a Check Pilot to determine whether a pilot is qualified to be an Orientation pilot.

Classification of CAP pilots: CAP pilots may operate a CAP aircraft according to the classification of their experience and askills as follows:
d. CAP Cadet, Teacher and ROTC/JROTC Orientation pilots.
(3) For powered airplanes have 200 hours PIC time.

FAA: Airplane. A engine-driven fixed wing heavier than air , that is supported in flight by the dynamic reactionof the air against its wings.