Where can I find Mission Pilot proficiency flight profiles?

Pilot training flights are authorized under Air Force approved mission pilot proficiency flight profiles located on the www.gocivilairpatrol.com website under "Programs" > "Emergency Services" > "Aircraft Operations" and through the following link to the profiles document: Pilot Proficiency Profiles. The "Pilot Proficiency Profiles" link will take you to the Pamphlets page where you will find CAPP 71-4 and CAPP 71-5 that are now the profile documents. These training flight profiles must be used to qualify for Air Force assigned mission status authorized by the CAP-USAF LR and flown only by pilots holding the qualifications stated in the specific profile and may be flown under “A” & “B” mission status. The only exception for using one of the approved training profiles is conducting training IAW a plan that has been pre-approved by the CAP-USAF LR and posted under the mission number in WMIRS.