How do I complete my General Emergency Services (GES) qualification?

Below is the excerpt from CAPR 60-3 para 2-3 on how to complete General Emergency Services.

2-3. Specialty Rating Requirements and Performance Standards. For each specialty rating, SQTRs have been developed to train and qualify members in stages. The most current versions of the task guides for all specialties are found on the NHQ CAP/DOS website.

e. General Emergency Services (GES). To participate in emergency services training or operations, personnel must be current traditional members (not patrons, cadet sponsors, AEMs, or legislative members) having completed level one and cadet protection training (senior members) or achievement one (cadets). Individuals in temporary membership are not eligible for liability coverage under the FECA or FTCA. Individuals in temporary membership status are eligible to accomplish academic training activities, but are not authorized to observe mission base training and operations due to liability issues. In addition, they may not participate in any flight activities (including flight line activities) or ground, urban direction finding team, or CERT field activities. Other than these, there are no prerequisite requirements for GES. The General Emergency Services specialty rating is required of all individuals qualifying in emergency services and will be completed prior to commencing training for any other specialty. This training authorizes members to attend missions, observe activities and perform administrative and general operations support tasks under the direction of qualified staff personnel, essentially as a license to learn. Successful completion of the current CAPT 116, General Emergency Services Questionnaire and OPSEC Training, qualifies the member in the General Emergency Services Specialty Rating. To remain current in the GES specialty all current holders will complete new CAPTs 116 and OPSEC Training within 180 days of issuance of new examinations.