Where can I find more information about the different specialty tracks and the training required for each?

The Professional Development Specialty Training Program is the focal point of all senior member specialty training within CAP and provides a uniform knowledge base for CAP members at all levels. This helps to ensure the quality of specialty training throughout all CAP units. This consistent foundation of training and experience for members allows them to perform the missions required by the Air Force and CAP.

For links to the current pamphlets see CAP Pamphlets on the Forms and Pubs page at www.gocivilairpatrol.com. Once there, select "Members" from the top of the page, then Publications Library, then Pamphlets.

Each specialty track pamphlet is unique, but in general they all contain general information, duties to be performed at each training level, as well as knowledge, training and service requirements. Most have convenient checklists so that trainees can track their progress with their mentor.