Where can I find details on the Operations Qualifications application?

Operations Qualifications includes all Emergency Services, Cadet, Pilot, Counterdrug, Reports and Mission Availability modules so the member only has to go to one application to enter all their data.

There are links to the applications under both the CAP Utilities and the Restricted Applications sides in eServices. The application under CAP Utilities called "My Operations Qualifications" will allow the member to enter in his or her own information. This information will have to be validated or approved as defined by the rules in the corresponding regulations. The link under Restricted Applications called "Operations Qualifications" allows the member to enter in other members information based off permissions granted in the Web Security Administration application. There are additional modules, such as Validation and Suspension available under the Restricted Applications that are not available under CAP Utilities.

You can also use the following link: Operations Qualifications