What are the guidelines as far as training cadets in CPR and/or First Aid? Is there any specific organization that CAP wants squadrons to use for this training? What are the requirements to be certified as far as SAR and ES is concerned?

Note: Generally the only first aid and CPR training requirements are in the area of emergency services, primarily for ground team members. See below from CAPR 60-3.

1-24. Legal Issues of CAP Operational Missions.

f. First Aid and Emergency Medical Care. CAP is not an emergency medical care or paramedic organization and should not advertise itself as such. CAP will not be the primary provider of medical support on missions or training events though qualified personnel can be used to support such activities. The only type of medical aid that should be administered by CAP personnel or by any other person at CAP's request is reasonable treatment deemed necessary to save a life or prevent human suffering. This treatment must be executed by a person qualified to attempt such medical care within their skill level. When first aid or higher medical training is required for qualification in a particular specialty, the expectation is that the qualification course includes both knowledge and practical skills training; first aid courses taken on-line only are not acceptable; though members are not considered employees when supporting operations, courses are expected to meet the National Guidelines for First Aid in Occupational Settings available at https://www.osha.gov/Publications/OSHA3317first-aid.pdf or ASTM F 2171-02(2009), Standard Guide for Defining the Performance of First Aid Providers in Occupational Settings. CAP medical personnel are not provided supplemental malpractice insurance coverage, and any care provided is at the members own risk. Though medical supplies and equipment are not normally provided to responders, any reasonable supplies used on training or actual missions may be submitted for reimbursement as long as sufficient justification is provided.

We do not require them to take a specific organization’s courses or get specific certificates - there really are a variety of options across the country. Our intention is for personnel to meet and document completion of some basic standards. See the attached file below which should give you an idea as to what we are looking for when asked if we would consider a course equivalent. There are many courses and organizations that provide training to meet these requirements.

There is not a national program for CAP to get CPR and First Aid for free. Some units and wings have made arrangements locally with the American Heart Association, American Red Cross, National Safety Council, or other providers though. This is typically done by having members become instructors so that they can provide training at minimal cost if any. Some communities also offer free training like this to the public and CAP members can often take advantage of it, but again, there is no national program at this time.

Also see OSHA Best Practices Guide: Fundamentals of a Workplace First-Aid Program

NOTE: CAPR 60-3 is currently going through a revision that will clarify the First Aid training.  In the meantime, CAP doesn't create in house first aid classes; we can’t take on that liability.  However, members that are approved instructors for other organizations like ARC, AHA, NSC, ASHI, ECSI, MFA, etc. can teach those programs under that hat to our members. There are also many personnel that are able to line up training from military bases that will provide credit…self aid and buddy care for example.  For credit, the member needs documentation of completion, so roster signed off by the instructor, etc.  would work.