Does the CAP Form 5 process satisfy the requirements of FAR Section 61.56: Flight review, paragraph (d)? (see below)

(d) A person who has, within the period specified in paragraph (c) of this section, passed a pilot proficiency check conducted by an examiner, an approved pilot check airman, or a U.S. Armed Force, for a pilot certificate, rating, or operating privilege need not accomplish the flight review required by this section.

The CAPF 5 process does not fulfill the flight review of FAR 61.56(d) because our check pilots are not FAA examiners or FAA approved pilot check airmen.

However, the CAPF 5 process can be used to complete this biennial review if a few things are done:

1. Get the concurrence of the CAP check pilot (who must be an FAA certified CFI) PRIOR to the check ride.
2. Complete the requirements of 61.56(a) during the check ride. Keep in mind that the Form 5 is an evaluation and should not revert to training. More than what is on the Form 5 may be required by the CFI.
3. If successful, make a logbook entry IAW 61.56c(2). Annotation of the Form 5 is OK, but may not be recognized by FAA without the logbook entry.