Where can I find guidance on Wt & Bal, ORM, & Form 104 requirements?


Prior to flight, the PIC or their designee must familiarize themselves with all necessary pre-flight information as required by the FARs. This includes obtaining appropriate weather, NOTAM, TFR, and airport information, completion of a weight & balance (Wt & Bal) computation, and completion of Operational Risk Management (ORM) assessment.

In addition, the PIC must contact the Flight Release Officer (FRO) and conduct a briefing of applicable items on the ORM assessment and FRO checklist. This briefing may be accomplished in person or via the phone.


There is currently no national regulatory requirement to upload Weight & Balance (Wt & Bal), and/or the CAPF 104 information into WMIRS.

Individual wings, at the discretion of the wing commander, may require any or all of the previously mentioned information to be uploaded to WMIRS as part of their documentation for their missions and sorties. In the event that such a requirement is set forth, it will be established in a supplement or operating instruction that is readily accessible to all affected pilots. Wt & Bal: 14 CFR §91.103 Preflight action.

Each pilot in command shall, before beginning a flight, become familiar with all available information concerning that flight. This information must include-
(a) For a flight under IFR or a flight not in the vicinity of an airport, weather reports and forecasts, fuel requirements, alternatives available if the planned flight cannot be completed, and any known traffic delays of which the pilot in command has been advised by ATC;
(b) For any flight, runway lengths at airports of intended use, and the following takeoff and landing distance information*:
(1) For civil aircraft for which an approved Airplane or Rotorcraft Flight Manual containing takeoff and landing distance data is required, the takeoff and landing distance data contained therein; and
(2) For civil aircraft other than those specified in paragraph (b)(1) of this section, other reliable information appropriate to the aircraft, relating to aircraft performance under expected values of airport elevation and runway slope, aircraft gross weight, and wind and temperature.

* It is normally citied that take-off and landing distance can't be determined without knowing weight & balance.

ORM: CAPR 60-3 para 1-11. & CAPR 62-1 para 3.c.3. & 3.d.1

CAPF 104:  CAPR 60-3 para 1-16.d.3