What is the CAP National Technology Center (NTC)?

The CAP National Technology Center (NTC) supports the Civil Air Patrol Communications Program through a variety of activities including communications engineering and technical services as well as integration of new technologies in the areas of communications and information exchange. The NTC performs research and development into exploitation of the World Wide Web and Internet capabilities in fixed and mobile environments.

As a functional part of CAP National Headquarters, the NTC receives and processes new communications equipment obtained with federal appropriated funds for distribution and use by the CAP Wings and Regions across the country. In addition the NTC locates, acquires, processes, rehabs, and distributes previously used communications equipment obtained through federal excess property systems and other donating entities.

And, as part of the National Headquarters Operations Directorate, the NTC Staff represents the Civil Air Patrol on several standing committees and federal inter-agency work groups. Upon request, the NTC engineering staff is available to assist the Wings and Regions in maintaining the various communications-electronics systems that they are responsible for. Providing technical support, engineering design and industry contacts is a frequent tasking of the NTC Staff.