What is High Frequency Automatic Link Establishment (HF/ALE)?

High Frequency Automatic Link Establishment (HF/ALE) is the next generation of HF radio technology being implemented throughout the Civil Air Patrol communications system. In the HF/ALE environment, each radio operates automatically across a suite of frequencies. This differs from conventional HF in which a “net” is a gathering of stations, usually on a single frequency at a specific time. In the ALE methodology a “net” is a group of radios continuously scanning a common suite of frequencies.

CAP’s 21st Century HF/ALE system will not use traditional scheduled voice nets for operational missions. Rather, it will be composed of a system of decentralized point-to-point, peer-to-peer stations strategically located to provide connectivity required for tactical and command and control communications. The system will be organized into a National Command Net and eight Region Command Nets.