I'm am interested in purchasing a personal portable VHF radio for CAP use. Is there any guidance available on appropriate units other than the list of NTIA compliant radios in the communications section?

With the closure of the CAP Supply Depot, CAP is no longer in the business of reselling communications equipment. The database of authorized radios on the CAP Communications Web Page provides guidance on the equipment on today’s market allowable for CAP use. In addition to the database product there is also a link provided where you can “Suggest a radio for addition or specification review/update”. This link allows you to email the keepers of the database and discuss equipment options.

But, your best resource for selecting a radio to meet your needs is your wing Director of Communications. This staff officer not only shoulders the burden of managing your wing’s communications system but is also very aware of equipment options available to you. And, he/she has access to their counterparts all across the country should your question go beyond their personal expertise. We recommend you contact your wing DC and discuss what equipment would best serve your needs.