Which officer/NCO professional military education (PME) courses are available to CAP senior members?

In general, the Air Force allows CAP officers/NCOs to enroll in the correspondence (distance learning) program commensurate with their CAP grade:

  • NCO Academy: TSgt, MSgt, SMSgt, CMSgt only
  • Senior NCO Academy: MSgt, SMSgt, CMSgt only
  • Squadron Officer School: Captain or higher
  • Air Command and Staff College: Major or higher
  • Air War College: Lieutenant Colonel or higher

CAP members must note that an additional USAF requirement for enrollment is completion of a baccalaureate degree. Transcripts will be required as proof of graduation for officer PME. 

Only the 100% online programs are available to CAP officers/NCOs. Seminar and Master-degree conferring programs are not open to CAP officers. 

To begin the application process for any of these courses, log into eServices, select "Online Learning," and then select the PME course of choice.