I have a question about the award of unit citation ribbons, and whether there was such a thing as a "temporary" award. Basically, if a new cadet joins a squadron that has one unit citation award, a wing that has 4, and a region that has 2, does he have the right to wear the unit citation award with a silver and bronze clasp? Is he "temporarily" allowed to wear this award, while a member of the unit? Several members quoted several different sections of CAPR 39-3 for me, and I'm not sure how to interpret it.

The Unit Citation Ribbon may be worn permanently by all individuals who were members of the unit during any portion of the period of time shown in the National Headquarters Personnel Action announcing the award. New members such as the new cadet mentioned who join after the period of time specified for the award are not eligible to wear the unit citation ribbon previously awarded. Unit awards are intended to be worn by members of the unit who were assigned and contributed to the mission during the period specified in the award. Allowing new members to wear the award "temporarily" while assigned to the unit is not in accordance with the intent of  CAPR 39-3 , "A member must be in good standing at the time of the distinguished act and must meet the criteria established for the award."