How do I enter the Skills Evaluations for Level 1 Orientation and Cadet CPPT into the Learning Management System (LMS)?

Authorized Senior Members will use the LMS to enter the in-residence/conversation portion of the course. To enter the summary conversation, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Conduct conversation with Cadet.
Step 2: Log into eServices and click on the Learning Management System (LMS) tab under CAP Utilities.
Step 3: Once in the LMS, choose, “Mentor Input/Skills Eval” near the top of the left menu.
Step 4: From the “step 1” drop down, select the appropriate course, for example “Level I Orientation”.
Step 5: Click on “Senior Leadership summary conversation entry” under “step 2: Skill”. (This must be highlighted)
Step 6: Enter the date completed in “step 3: Completed”.
Step 7: Enter the cadet, or multiple cadet, CAP IDs in “step 4”.
Step 8: Click on the “Verify Member” to verify the CAP IDs at the bottom right of the CAP ID box.
Step 9: Once the CAP IDs are confirmed, click the “Submit” tab.

When the member has completed all the requirements; the quizzes and conversation, an e-mail will be automatically generated and sent to the commander in “Commander’s Corner” with instructions on how to validate completion of the course. If the commander clicks on the link in the email, they will be taken directly to the approval page. The unit commander must validate completion, signifying that the cadet has completed the course to their satisfaction. Once the commander has validated completion online, the member will receive credit for the course.