Who leads the summary conversation for the Level One course? Is this conversation in addition to or a substitute for the online Level I Orientation Course in the Learning Management System?

The summary conversation may be given by the Unit Commander or the Professional Development officer for the unit. This conversation is given in addition to and after the new member completes the Level I coursework in the Learning Management System. CAP Pamphlet 50-4, "Level I Orientation" contains both the student readings (minus the quizzes) as well as the summary conversation lesson plans. 

The Commander, the Deputy Commander or the PDO can certify that the Summary Conversation has taken place by doing the following:

Log into eServices and select the Learning Management System (LMS). On the left hand side of the LMS homepage, select "Mentor Input/Skills Eval. The Mentor Input page should appear.

On the Mentor Input page, there are four steps. Step 1 asks for the course, select: Level I "Starting Your Journey." Step 2 will auto-populate, Step 3 asks for the date, fill in the date the conversation took place. Step 4 asks for the CAPID(s) of the members who took the conversation.   Then, hit the blue button. 

If this operation was completed correctly, AND the student has also completed all the online tasks (the quiz and the EO agreement), a notification will appear in the unit commander's "Commander's Corner" to approve successful completion of Level I. Please note that the commander's approval in Commander's Corner must take place even if it was the commander who validated the summary conversation.