What is CAP Legislative Day and when/where does it take place?

Legislative Day occurs in late February/early March when wings send representatives to Washington, D.C to advocate for CAP with federally elected officials. It provides CAP an opportunity to talk one-on-one with Congressional representatives and staff about operations and programs at the state and national levels as well as organizational funding. 

Also known as “Leg (ledge) Day,” the event occurs in conjunction with the Winter Command Council meeting typically on the second Thursday after Presidents Day. Organization-wide training occurs the night before the meetings on Capitol Hill.

More than 200 CAP members including wing commanders, selected seniors and cadets join national headquarters staff in about 450 meetings (out of 541 possible meetings). High on the annual agenda is informing Congress about how CAP’s Federal appropriations are spent and what our future requirements are.

It is important that wings visit as many of their Congressional delegation as possible. Normally most wings start making appointments in early January. Initial Legislative Day details are emailed to key stakeholders in December or early January. Wings need to inform National Headquarters of scheduled meetings to ensure that briefing materials are prepared as a leave behind packet for each visit.

Many wings have decided to replicate the national Legislative Day with a similar, state legislative day that highlights wing operations and state funding requirements. This kind of similar event is highly encouraged.

Detailed Legislative Day information can be found on the GVR tab in CAP eServices. Expect Legislative Day updates and new documents to be posted starting in January every year. For specific questions contact CAP Government Relations at dcoffice@capnhq.gov.