Where would I find information about CAP Legislative Membership?

There are two categories of legislative membership in CAP; one for the national legislative unit (designated the Congressional Squadron) and the other for state legislative squadrons. Members in both categories may participate in CAP programs if they meet the same criteria and regulations as active members do.

Civil Air Patrol’s Congressional Squadron is open to Members of the U.S. Congress, their staff and federally appointed officials. Membership is honorary (and complimentary) and carries a number of benefits. There is no obligation on the part of Members of Congress or staff to participate in the CAP program but may do so if they so chose. Members of Congress are presented with a certificate of membership (suitable for framing) by the wing commander or his designee at a ceremony in Washington or in the Member’s home state/district.

CAP wings may also have legislative squadrons similar to the Congressional Squadron for their state legislatures. State legislative squadrons are open to all members of the state legislature, elected state officials and key staff members. 

Information on both legislative member categories can be found in Chapter 5 of CAP Regulation 39-2 (CAP Membership). For further information on the Congressional Squadron and for assistance starting a state legislative squadron contact CAP Government Relations at dcoffice@capnhq.gov. For legislative member issues (requirements, membership process, etc.) please contact CAP Membership and Personnel.