Is it possible to join the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) initially as a Patron member?

Details on patron membership are in Chapter 4 (see below) of  CAPR 39-2  , but the short answer is Yes, you can initially join as a Patron.

4.2. Patron Members. Individuals applying for patron membership through a local squadron should complete a CAPF 12, annotated in red across the top "PATRON MEMBER." The previously authorized National Patron category is being phased out. Individuals may no longer join or transfer in to the squadron. All prospective members applying to a local unit must meet the Unit Membership Board as outlined in paragraph 1.5. prior to the approval of the membership application by the unit commander. Upon approval by the unit commander, the applicant will forward the CAPF 12 along with a check or money order to CAP/DP, 105 South Hansell Street, Maxwell AFB AL 36112-6332. (See attachment 1 and the chart posted online at for actual dues amount required.) Commanders must validate the individual’s proof of identity and annotate the Form 2a accordingly. Acceptable documents for proof of identity are the same documents required on the Form I-9 for employment eligibility verification. See attachment 2 for a list of these documents. Patron members are not required to submit a FBI fingerprint card; however, they must meet the membership criteria outlined in paragraph 3.2. above. Once the application is processed by National Headquarters, the member will receive a distinctive membership card.
4.2.1. Patron members may: Receive a specially annotated membership card. Receive the Volunteer magazine (when printed). Receive discounts associated with active membership (car rental, etc.). Retain the last CAP grade held prior to entering patron status if transferred to patron status without a break in service. Attend wing and region conferences and the CAP National Conference sponsored by National Headquarters. Attend special unit social events upon invitation by the commander concerned, such as anniversary celebrations, awards banquets, holiday parties, etc. Use Civil Air Patrol ground transportation, but use of Civil Air Patrol air transportation is prohibited. Transfer to active member status upon meeting active member qualifications. (See paragraph below.)
4.2.2. Patron members may not: Wear the CAP uniform. Ride in or fly CAP aircraft. (This includes member-owned aircraft on CAP flight

Individuals can join as a patron member through their local squadron.  They will need to submit a CAPF 12 senior member application with PATRON across the top and one year of dues (patrons pay the same amount as seniors).