I was wondering if I can wear my cadet dress blues to a school dance or other functions?

The CAP uniform may be worn to social events related to CAP activities. However, it would not be appropriate to wear the CAP uniform to a school dance or other civilian function which had no specific ties to CAP. Exceptions: Wearing the CAP uniform would be appropriate when participating in posting the colors or similar activities at a school function, attending a military ball or if the school dance were being held on a military installation. There are time restrictions on wearing the uniform after the close of activities.   Civil Air Patrol personnel may, of course, attend church and grave site funeral services of a fellow CAP member in uniform. For additional guidance on wearing the CAP uniform on a particular occasion which may support the image and objectives of CAP, recommend discussing the situation with your unit commander

For further information, please see CAPM 39-1, paragraph 1