What obligation does a senior member have to report the off-duty misconduct of another senior member that may reflect poorly on CAP and affect the ability of other seniors to perform their CAP duties? This misconduct does not relate to aircraft safety or to Cadet Protection.

Civil Air Patrol standards of conduct apply both on and off duty, in your personal behavior, in your treatment of others, and in both military and civilian environments. All members have a responsibility to protect the safety and well being of other members as well as the good name of CAP.

If a member is engaging in any conduct that is illegal, dishonest, or might otherwise bring discredit on the Civil Air Patrol or otherwise not adhering to the standards of conduct expected of CAP members, this information should be brought to the attention of the unit commander or other supervisors so that the situation may be addressed and corrective action taken if merited.  CAP Whistleblower Protection provides protection against reprisal or abuse of authority toward members who expose fraud, waste, mismanagement, deficiency, cadet protection issue, abuse of authority or discrimination.