For aircraft equipped with ADS-B systems, the aircraft identification used on the flight plan, must match the flight ID being transmitted by the ADS-B transmitter. CAPR 70-1 requires CAP aircraft to use a three-letter, four-digit call sign (CAP####); therefore, this call sign must be listed on the flight plan under aircraft identification and input to the ADS-B system as the flight ID. (The tail number should be provided in the comments box on the flight plan.) Methods of inserting and verifying ADS-B information vary by manufacturer and installation, so check the Pilot Guides supplied with your avionics to determine how to accomplish this task. An ADS-B Call Sign MisMatch (CSMM) causes significant operational difficulties for air traffic controllers, so the FAA takes great interest in these deviations. 

Our diligence in meeting this requirement demonstrates CAP’s professionalism and helps to ensure that ADS-B will provide maximum benefit to users of the NAS.