sUAS may be used in our Title 10 status (under an AFAM) only in select pre-approved missions.  Currently these are the Counter sUAS Support mission (Red Cell), the AERONet Project (currently assigned to SWR), and for certain NHQ assigned DSCA missions which require NORTHCOM authorizations.  For the C-sUAS Mission, a DJI aircraft using special DoD software is used.  Those involved units have those aircraft specifically assigned to them and the required waivers for COTS use are in place from SECDEF for that mission set.  For all other federal missions, we use the InstantEye Mk3 Gen4 or approved kit built aircraft (these are on the AFSOC non-COTS approved list) .  Those aircraft are maintained at NHQ and are drop shipped for the mission overnight to their destinations.  We then provide just in time training for them.


There are no restrictions for sUAS use in a corporate status.  You may use your DJI sUAS aircraft on corporate missions without restriction.  All sUAS training is conducted in a “C” mission status as well, and each Wing/Region has an assigned “C” mission number for training.  You may move personnel and equipment for sUAS under an AFAM “T” mission, but all sUAS flying must be done under the “C” mission.  There is never a charge per hour for training or proficiency flights with sUAS.


If you need to use sUAS for a SAR mission, you may open a concurrent “C” mission for the sUAS flight activities.  The transport of equipment and personnel (and all other activities) associated with the “M” mission must be placed under the “M” mission.  The $25.00/flight hour costs would then have to be assumed by the customer (and they must agree, in writing – and cannot be a federal partner/agency) or the Wing.  We may only support our federal partners in a Title 10 status.  If that occurs, we’ll revert to the InstantEye aircraft and get them shipped to the site.

If you have any questions please contact the sUAS Program Manager, Mr. Austin Worcester at